I have no idea how, but I always find myself crying at the end of love stories. Whether it be a book I read, or a movie I watched! It never fails. I love a good romance. Maybe it is because I have ALWAYS dreamed that one day I would fall in love, and it would be the perfect kind of love that you read about! But, that hasn’t happened yet, and it probably never will! I know I am the kind of girl who loves too strongly, too deeply, and too quickly. Some how guys don’t feel that way about girls. We just want a guy to hold our hand in public and tell us wen look beautiful when we feel insecure! We want to be loved. Until the point when we fall in love, the only love we have ever known has been from our parents.. Some people haven’t even had that! We want to experience butterflies and feeling like we are on a roller coaster that only goes up! Love is a serious thing and these days people don’t take it seriously. The bottom line is that we as females need to take control of our hearts, and not wear them on our sleeves.

LOVE does not equal sex.

Love equals being equals!

“We except the love we think we deserve.” -Stephen Chbosky

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