How do you know?

How do you know when to stop? When to go farther?

How do you actually map out pros and cons?

You never know what people will do or say. You don’t know who you can trust!

But you can’t go around not caring,or not trusting, or not loving! That’s where depression starts! When you start pushing people away!

You have to choose people, You have to hope you made the right call!

You only have to make the wrong choice once and then you become a walking, talking mold of what loneliness looks like!

Face the facts. Everyone sucks, you just have to find those specific people who don’t suck as much as others. They are the ones that will love you unconditionally. The ones who will be your shoulder to cry on! But, they will also be the people who will push all of your buttons. They will have the power to make you the angriest you have ever been or to make you the happiest you have ever been!

Choose your people wisely. Things aren’t always what they seem!

Don’t judge a book by its cover, but do make sure to read the backstory!


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