Disproportionate Equality

Equality doesn’t mean equality, it means dealing with differences in public and complaining at home! Why does it matter to you so much? Is someone’s skin color offensive to you? Yes? Why?

Is someone’s sexual orientation offending you? Yes? Why? Did they hit on you? There’s a thing called speaking your mind! Everyone needs to learn to be honest!

I just don’t understand the point in being so judgmental! I know that the fact that I wear red lipstick makes you think I am a “whore” because you were raised in the 1600’s. I know that you think I can’t possibly be a Christian because I have “gay” friends. Why does it matter?

Ask yourself that!

We are a little different, and a lot the same! We are all (mostly) the same on the inside. We all bleed the same color! We all sin! What is your sin of choice!?

remember that equality and tolerance are not the same thing! this is absolutely ridiculous! All black people aren’t bad. All cops aren’t corrupt. Stereotype’s are the dumbest thing in the world!

Let’s get to living life and get out of high school stereotyping!

He without fault should throw the first stone.


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