Uncommon Misconception

Teardrops, falling down my face,
Racing down my face,
Seeing who finishes first
Left, right, right, left, left
“Fearfully and Wonderfully made”
They quote to me
I believe it,
This is a world of endless wonder
And i am afraid!
My wishes fill me with dismay.
1 dandelion blown out, 2,
1 shooting star, 2 pennies on heads.
Being commonly uncommon,
Not wanting “world change”
Just wanting
All you can eat ice cream and pizza
Wanting to feel failure
Because i haven’t before.
But i live dangerously.
I eat entire watermelons
And take turns at 30 mph.
I write poetry in my car
While listening to Panic!
When peers get drunk and drugged,
I’m intoxicated by Netflix or Twitter.
“Live and let die”
They say
So i’m saying
“Live until you die”


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