Some think this is just a word,

it has no physical meaning behind it.

“a person canNOT have anxiety”

“it’s all in your head”

“you’re crazy”

they say.

But the feeling of not being able to breathe,

not being capable of gathering your thoughts.

Feeling like you are walking through

the thickest, cloudiest fog.

Your triggers being unknown,

stress, drama, fear, anger, ANYTHING!

This is an illness,

and you need to come to terms with it!

We cry ourselves to sleep at night,

wondering why we have this problem.

“You can control it,” people will say.

But don’t you think for a minute,

not a second, a millisecond, a nanosecond,

that we wouldn’t control it if we could.

It tears us down,

from tall brick walls

into grains of sand.


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